Inevitable RED

"Dust and sand eclipsed these barren lands"
"Assure the morning to wake in new light"
"Revolt for Equivalence and Democracy"
"We fear the silence given though the sounds are even worse"
"A memory intertwined with DEATH"

The Mongoose Newspaper

Dictator speech

"Ladies and gentlemen, here by I present to you our most beloved and respected leader, founder of the grandest nation the world has ever seen! All Hail!

Please assuage my confusion about the rumors I've heard. People claim to believe we live in a dictatorial regime!? Well those people clearly have no understanding of the word "freedom"! For we are all free in this great nation of ours. I, and I personally, guarantee you that this freedom will provide us with food, clear water, peace and safety until the end of days. For you are my people, my kin, my children. And I will make sure no terrorism will plague this great nation ever again!"

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